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Water Battle is a serious game, bundled with a mobile app, that encourages households to change the way they use and consume water. The goal of the product is to reduce peak level water load. This result in less water usage, less energy used to transport water and a lower CO2 footprint.


A Game and an App

This serious game is played by children. They help little creatures survive in a world that’s threatened by water. Children earn points by playing the game and finishing levels. Parents in connected households play along by using a mobile app, that is connected to a smart water meter in their home. By adjusting their daily water consumption routines, they too can earn points, accelerating their children’s progress. Working together they learn about sustainable water usage, earn more points and win the Water Battle.


Less water consumption, peak shavings and a lower CO2 footprint

Results from the city of Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. 219 Households

Customer Awareness

Sustainable water usage is the most important reason for participating in the Water Battle

  • 80% are more aware of using water in a sustainable way
  • 83% have bigger insight in their personal water usage
  • 90% find it very important their supplier stimulates sustainable water usage
  • Knowledge on impact of peak shaving rose from 40% to 90%

Who are we?

Grendel Games develops seriously entertaining games that contribute to positive change in people and the world around us.

We believe that the power of the attraction and fun of video games can be used for more than just entertainment. We see serious games as an effective solution for social challenges in education, health care and the utilities sector. Designed and created with proven validated educational value.

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Water Battle App

The Water Battle App gives insight in your water usage, and lets you see score easily. With the app you can quickly create new accounts for the Water Battle game.

Use the activation code DEMO-MODE to try the app without a smart water meter.

Water Battle Game

The Water Battle Game lets you play an infinite number of levels with Dewy. Collect the most stars and set a winning time to score the maximum of points for you and your family. Per household 8 players can join the Water Battle Game. Have fun!

Use the activation code DEMO-MODE to try the game without a smart water meter.

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