Save water & the environment with the Water Battle

Climate change, population growth and urbanisation are pressuring our water resources. The Water Battle is a serious game that helps you and your household to be more conscious about your water usage.

What is the Water Battle?

Save water with a game

The Water Battle allows you to save water by working together with your entire household. It has two parts: the Water Battle Dashboard and the Water Battle Game. The dashboard gives you insight into your water usage, you will learn more about water and you gather tips on saving water. You can also pledge to save a certain amount and watch your progression closely. The dashboard also unlocks levels for the game. By playing the game you go through countless of challenging levels and guide Dewie to the finish.

Who will get the high score?

Want to know what your impact is?

I want to join the Water Battle for free

The basic version of the Water Battle is available for everybody. The full version is available for customers whose water company is hosting a battle. The full version allows you to pledge a saving amount and keep track when connecting to your smart water meter.

Currently, the Water Battle is being tested by selected customers of Anglian Water.

If you want your water company to host a Water Battle, scroll a bit further and leave us a message.



Water Battle Dashboard

Get insight in your water usage with the Water Battle Dashboard. From within the dashboard you can connect players for the game to join you in your battle.

Per household only one dashboard needs to be installed.


Water Battle Game

Play and enjoy countless levels in the Water Battle Game. Gather the most stars and finish the levels in the shortest amount of time to set the highest score for your household.

Per household you can connect up to 8 players. Enjoy!

Is your water company not hosting a battle?

Do you want to play the full version of the game, but is your water company not hosting a Water Battle yet? Tell us who your water company is, and we’ll try to get the Water Battle to your area.